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Hours of Operation:
Lounge Monday-Saturday—Open at 11
Breakfast Sunday--Open at 8
Arthur “Gunner” Dudley
Doug Futch


Shari Helmer
Rob Lessard
Carol White
Hello Squadron 1,
A new year is here with new officers.
We had a great 2016/2017 with donations to Special Olympics and Homeless Veterans. With your participation and support of the Sunday breakfasts, Car Show, Golf Tournament and special events/raffles we will continue to make a difference.
There is a lot going on at our Post this year, and with the “Legion Family” giving support to each other, we will be getting it done. The Post is installing smoke eaters in the social quarters. The S.A.L. is raffling a WWII commemorative knife set to go toward that expense. It is on display in the Post Social Quarters. Tickets are at the bar – 8 for $5.00.
2018 Early Bird membership dues reminders have been mailed and payments are being accepted. Membership dues contribute to the overall programs of the S.A.L. and keep our membership growing. Paying your dues before November 1, 2017 not only saves you $5.00 it gets you into a free Early Bird dinner.
The Sunday breakfasts are typically slow this time of year, will pick back up in the fall when the “snowbirds” come back to us. Now is a great time to learn the kitchen and be comfortable helping with the Sunday Breakfast fundraising. Please contact me if you feel you would like the training and can help.
General Membership Meeting continue the 1st Monday of each month at 7:00p.m. Your input is very important to our success. Look forward to seeing you there and adding your ideas and thoughts.
New Facebook Group – request to join. “Sons of The American Legion Squadron 1 – Titusville, FL
For God and Country,
Rob Lessard
Squadron 1 Commander
Legion Riders
NEWS Hello Fellow Riders,
A new year is here with new officers.
General Membership Meeting continue the 1st Saturday of each month at 10:00a.m. Your input is very important to our success. There are so many great ideas brought forth in our meetings to further the accomplishments of our organization that benefit the veterans and active military. That is what we do. Look forward to seeing you there and adding your ideas and thoughts.
We had a great 2016/2017 with donations to so many charitable causes. The participation and support of the rides and special events/raffles we will continue to make a difference.
Let us not forget who and what we are. The Legion Riders are the “Legion Family.” There is a lot going on at our Post this year, and with the “Legion Family” giving support to each other, we will be getting it done. Did you join “just to be a Rider”, I believe you joined to make a difference for our Veterans and community. Support the S.A.L., Support the Auxiliary, and Support your Legionnaires. When you are at your respective meetings turn in your hours as you do at a Rider meeting – they count.
Remember to check us out on FACEBOOK at AmericanLegionRidersChapter1, and to be sure you are on our mailing list send email to ALRChapter1@outlook.com Riders Lead the Way!
Shari Helmer Director ALR Chapter 1
Hello Riders...I want to thank you all for electing me to be your Chaplin this year. I look forward to serving you in this 2017-2018 calendar year. As you all know July has not been a kind month, with the passing of Ms. Pat, Ray Parkers surgery, and Eric Rainbird falling off a ladder, and Steven Carmen being hospitalized. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. If you need prayer, or just someone to talk to, please call me, 321-268-2024, I will help anyway that I am able. It will be greatly appreciated if you will keep me informed on our Rider’s needs. Looking forward to a great year, we have a lot of work to do. Let’s all work as a Team, to support all of our duties to the Legion, Auxiliary and the Sons. For God and Country Jeri Mirabella, Chaplin AUXILIARY NEWS—PRESIDENTS MESSAGE
Newsletter message…I never thought I would be writing another one. I retired from holding an office of this rank within the Unit… Well I am back.
I personally feel that as a member of the Auxiliary, when support is needed and one is capable of support in any form, they should render that support. I believe in the words of our preamble and the responsibility that comes in being a member of the American Legion Auxiliary.
Honor…Honor to our Veterans, active duty service men and women, community, and our children.
The new Officers expressed a desire for a “learning” year. “So much we want to know and need to understand.” We can do this.
We are 300 strong. General Membership Meeting is the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00p.m. Your input is very important to our success. Looking forward to your ideas and thoughts. There are so many great ideas brought forth in our meetings to further the accomplishments of our organization that benefit the children and family of veterans and active military. That is what we do.
Working together with the “Legion Family” giving support to each other, we will be getting it done.
The Auxiliary “works” so many programs that benefit our veterans and community. The following are looking for a Chairmanship leader; AEF, National Security, Community Service, Cavalcade of Memories, Past Presidents Parley and Poppy. Please contact me if you need more information or have an interest in one of these programs. 321-264-0483 Email: carolwhite906@gmail.com
The Color Guard is hopeful that new members will join their ranks to continue honoring our Veterans and educate the community. Donna McDaniel is the Captain to contact.
Are being accepted at the Post (Barrel inside) School starts August 9. Parents spend an average of $100/child to start school. Please donate if you can.
Join Facebook page – ALA Unit 1, Inc.
Yours in Service
Carol White
We are off and running with a good start to the 2018 American Legion Auxiliary year. Your 2018 membership cards are now available. Renewals are $30 for seniors and $6 for juniors. You can renew online for 2018 at "ALAforveterans.org" with a credit card. Cash or checks can be left with bartenders and you get a receipt. Mailing address is PO Box 32, Titusville, Fl. 32781-0032. We still accept previous unpaid years by mail or at the bar, if applicable. Your new card will be mailed to the address on file, so if there’s been address or name changes recently, let me know. Phone numbers and email addresses allow better contact and communications. PLEASE GET YOUR RENEWAL IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Remember that December 31 each year is the last day to renew and remain a member in good standing so that you can continue the benefits of being a member. Almost 30 members did not renew last year. Your renewal funds assist the unit to work the programs of the ALA in supporting our veterans and community. Many people may not be aware that the unit must pay certain quotas to Department for each member whether they renew. This year quotas for Education, Girls State and Rehabilitation total $3.35 for each member. It is important to renew each year to support the unit and our veterans. After two years members who drop off the roster may apply to “rejoin” by completing a new application, again showing your eligibility and submitting one year’s dues after approval by the general membership. Thank you for being a loyal member of the American Legion Auxiliary. Donna Shearer Membership Chair
First, I would like to thank all my Sisters for electing me to be your Chaplin for the 2017-2018 calendar year. I look forward to serving your needs. If you need me for prayer or just comfort, you may contact me at 321-268-2024, if I don't answer, please leave me a message. As you all know by now, we lost a very loved and special person, Mrs. Pat Spence. Please keep Ed and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Also, we lost a past Commander, Mr. Eugene Roberts, and a Gold Star Mother, Mary Flack and Miss Pearl Reese, honorary member. It is my hope, that you will be a part of my journey as Chaplin, please help keep me updated on our members, I cannot do my job without you...there is no “I” in Teamwork. My prayer is for more of our Sisters to step up, and help our team with all the good work we do. For God and Country Jeri Mirabella, Chaplin
Honor Guard: The Honor Guard is in high demand within the community and the National Cemetery. Members of the Post, S.A.L., and Auxiliary may request to join and give final honors to our Veterans.
Members needed seven (7) days a week.
(Legionnaires) Clarence Ellinger/Eugene Roberts (Past Commander) (Auxiliary) Pat Spence/Mary Flack/Pearl Reese
Members of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, Sons of The American Legion, and American Legion Riders comprise the Legion Family, which has a combined membership of nearly 4.2 million. For nearly a century, The American Legion Family has influenced considerable social change in America, won hundreds of benefits for veterans, helped military families through transition and produced many important programs for our country’s youth. American Legion Auxiliary Founded in 1919, the American Legion Auxiliary is the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization. With a membership at nearly 800,000, local American Legion Auxiliary units have a strong presence in more than 9,000 communities nationwide. The American Legion Auxiliary’s mission is to support The American Legion and to honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad. A woman who is eligible for membership in The American Legion is also eligible to join the American Legion Auxiliary. The mother, wife, daughter, sister, grand-daughter, great-grand-daughter, or grandmother of members of The American Legion, and deceased veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces during eligible war eras. Sons of the American Legion Sons of The American Legion (SAL), founded in 1932, exist to honor the service and sacrifice of Legionnaires. SAL members include males of all ages whose parents or grandparents served in the U.S. military and were eligible for American Legion membership. Since 1988, S.A.L. has raised more than $5.8 million for The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation. S.A.L. members have volunteered over 500,000 hours at veterans’ hospitals and raised over $1,000,000 for VA hospitals and VA homes. The Sons also support the Citizens Flag Alliance, a coalition dedicated to protecting the U.S. flag from desecration through a constitutional amendment. American Legion Riders American Legion Riders Chapters are well known for their charitable work, which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local children’s hospitals, schools, veterans’ homes, severely wounded service members and scholarships. Since 2006, Riders nationwide have participated in the Legion Legacy Run, to annually raise money for the Legacy Scholarship Fund, established to provide scholarships to children of U.S. military personnel killed since Sept. 11, 2001. Members of The American Legion Riders are required to be motorcycle owners and current members of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion. Department of Florida Commander’s Corner Thank you for your continued service and support to our American Legion. During the Department Convention on July 1, 2017, I was elected and installed as the Department Commander for Florida. Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you must inspire a team – mates and customers. **Robin S. Sharma I look forward to leading our American Legion by Securing the Future for All Veterans. This can only be accomplished with the total support of every Legionnaire and the American Legion Family. We are rapidly coming to closure of our first century as a veteran service organization and we seek to maintain our membership securing our vital endeavors. We have endured change and the future of The American Legion will rely on our current generation to Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome any and all shortfalls so they can continue to maintain The American Legion’s Duty, Honor, Courage, and Commitment serving all veterans into the next century. A department membership high is a goal that is attainable – we can do this. Program strength will increase as we educate and market our community and state on who we are, what we do, why it’s important to belong, serve, and support. Now is the time to help Florida become successful once again – we are well on our way and we can all overcome this. We begin this process Bridging the Gap into the Future, together. I thank you all once again for giving me the chance, the opportunity, and the honor to serve, support, and lead our Florida American Legion. For God & Country, Stephen Shuga The American Legion Department of Florida Commander
“Full” Menus at the Bar and
from wait staff - Come enjoy the best
burgers and Stromboli’s in town.
Lunch 11a.m. – 2 p.m.
Evenings: Wednesday and Thursday 5p.m.-7:30p.m.
Thursday Pizza Day 11a.m.-2p.m. & 4p.m.-7:30p.m.
Friday Dinner 5p.m.-8p.m. Prime rib, Steak, Scallops, Shrimp – Come check the Menu
Tuesday Lunch Specials for August
Aug 1 Sloppy Joes
Aug 8 Sausage w/peppers & onion Subs
Aug 15 Hot Ham & Swiss Subs
Aug 22 Popcorn Shrimp Basket
Aug 29 Tuna Fish Sub
SUNDAYS SAL Breakfast 8a.m.-11a.m.
WEDNESDAYS 6p.m.-9p.m. Rockin Robin Karaoke
8/4 Dave Spencer
8/11 Guitar Dan
8/18 Whiskey Jars
8/25 Vicki & Dave
Karaoke w/ Wayne Fowler
The Pavilion is open Friday, Saturday and Sundays at 1. Come on out and see Keith or Vicki. Thanks for all your support, Donna, Michelle, Tara, Keith, Vicki and Shari
Take out and Reservations (party 6 or more) 321-269-995927 Parade

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2015 Vet Appreciation Parade


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